About The Book

More Than 4 Wheels is about:

  • Prescribing and delivering assistive technology
  • Assessment techniques
  • Seating principles
  • Manual wheelchair prescription and set up
  • Power wheelchair considerations
  • Considerations for walker prescription
  • Fall safety including lifts, transfers, toiletting and bathing


  • This 204 page book includes a quick guide to diagnosis and equipment intervention; a comprehensive guide to seating, mobility, and assistive technology.

    For use by therapists, students, and dealers of assistive technology, to assist with the understanding of seating and mobility challenges.

  • Spasticity and its impact on seating
  • Considerations for bariatric and pediatric seating
  • Custom contoured seating
  • Seating and mobility for the aging population
  • Common diagnosis with relevant assistive technology

A Must Read for:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistants
  • DME dealer reps
  • Manufacturer reps