About Sheila

Sheila is an Occupational Therapist from Ontario, Canada and has been actively working in the field of seating and mobility for over 30 years. Sheila provides consultation and education in the area of seating & mobility, accessibility, and ergonomics, through her company Therapy NOW.
Sheila has spoken extensively at National, International and European seating symposiums on seating and mobility issues.  This practical guide to seating and mobility has been compiled from years of experience, practice and real life situations.   The book is currently being used to enhance practices throughout Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Iceland, Asia, The United Kingdom, USA, and the Caribbean. Sheila has also authored a Chapter in Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide


“Sheila’s knowledge of seating for individuals with tetraplegia, and her expertise with a range of options helped me not only to sit upright and comfortably, but make the best possible use of my function and mobility — something that proved difficult before then.” — Taposhi Batabyal, client

“Working with Sheila has both increased my knowledge and insight to the needs of clients facing mobility challenges. Her drive has ensured that clients receive the most appropriate and updated equipment. Client choice is a priority for her. She has always pushed my imagination to the limits and working together we have been able to ensure that each client ends up with equipment that is totally designed and fitted for the individual.” — Teresa Pyren, dealer sales rep.

“Sheila’s ability to present her clinical expertise in seating and mobility is not only thorough but extremely practical. You’ll always come away with ready to apply solutions.” — Julia Pereira, Occupational Therapist