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    CAOT Online Workshop Sept 19 & 20, 2024 12 – 4 pm EST.
    From Assessment to Prescription: Maximizing Seated Postural Control and Wheeled Mobility for the Older Adult Register at
    CAOT Online Workshop Jan. 11 & 12, 2024 12 – 4 pm EST.
    From Assessment to Prescription: Maximizing Seated Postural Control and Wheeled Mobility for the Older Adult Register at
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    • Appreciated all the case studies . This really helped me understand the application of what we were talking about and when it would be appropriate.
    • • Very thorough explanations, case scenarios
    • • Her review of information, use of case studies, and reference materials.
    • • I really appreciated that we touched on everything relating to prescribing power mobility, from assessment to parameters.
    • • Excellent examples with photos and videos to demonstrate the information provided.

    • • Great case studies and examples, thorough discussion of assessment and power mobility options

    • • The breadth and depth of information and education on power chairs. It has made me feel much more comfortable prescribing power chairs to clients.

    • • very experienced presenter. Excellent material. Good info to apply to practice.

    • • I really thought the presenter did a wonderful job of explaining everything clearly including the theory. I enjoyed the mat assessment review and learning about the different types of power assist.

    • • The information provided was very detailed and enjoyed the case studies. The case studies gave examples of how to apply information provided in the presentation.

    • • I found the case studies and examples helpful to see how options available can work for the specific needs of the client.

    • • Enjoyed the videos of the hands-on assessment. Enjoyed the photos of drive wheel placement to help explain center of gravity.

    • • Day 1-MAT Ax. Day 2-Case studies Sheila shared-powerful stories/experiences, clinical reasoning
      • Lots of real-life examples, detailed description of what was done to enable power for these individuals. Expanded my understanding of who should and can have powers

    • • In person tends to be a better learning environment to allow for hands on; however, given that this was a virtual session, the presenter did a great job of making it interactive and incorporating different elements (lecture, video, etc.)

    • • I truly enjoyed all parts and components of this workshop. I am a new grad OT, so I found the experiences with clients that Sheila shared with us most valuable. Hearing about firsthand experiences helped me understand and see how the material can be applied. The experiences she spoke about were inspiring!