More Than 4 Wheels A Clinical Guide

This 204 page book includes a quick guide to diagnosis and equipment intervention; a comprehensive guide to seating, mobility, and assistive technology. For use by therapists, students, and dealers of assistive technology, to assist with the understanding of seating and mobility challenges.


More Than 4 Wheels is about:

  • Prescribing and delivering assistive technology
  • Assessment techniques
  • Seating principles
  • Manual wheelchair prescription and set up
  • Power wheelchair considerations
  • Considerations for walker prescription
  • Fall safety including lifts, transfers, toiletting and bathing
  • Spasticity and its impact on seating
  • Considerations for bariatric and pediatric seating
  • Custom contoured seating
  • Seating and mobility for the aging population
  • Common diagnosis with relevant assistive technolog
  • Occupational Therapists and Students
  • Physiotherapists and Students
  • Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistants
  • DME dealer reps
  • Manufacturer reps

More Than 4 Wheels is...


A quick and Intuitive guide for Assessment and Equipment Intervention


Whether you're a Student, Occupational Therapist, or Assistant, More Than 4 Wheels has crucial information you can apply in the field


This soft cover 204 Page book is lightweight and easy to pack for travel. Be prepared no matter where work takes you

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